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Mindman Industrial Co., Ltd.

Air Units (F.R.L.Unit)

Air Units (F.R.L.Unit)

MACP403-Air Filter Supplier

Product ID: MACP403

Mindman Industrial Co., Ltd. is a worldwide noted manufacturer of pneumatic automation equipment. They have been dedicating in manufacturing pneumatic products including solenoid valves, air cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, and other auxiliary components since 1979. Certainly, they are also a professional air filter supplier and offer many reliable and useful pneumatic F.R.L. units. In addition to air filters, pneumatic regulators and pneumatic lubricators are also important in the pneumatic systems. Pneumatic regulators is designed for controlling the pressure of compressed gas and maintain output air pressure at a constant value while a pneumatic lubricator is used to inject a small amount of oil into the air flow to lubricate the pneumatic tools and reduce the friction.


As an air filter supplier, Mindman offers eight kinds of pneumatic F.R.L. units to meet customers’ needs. The MACT401 from pneumatic F.R.L. series are highly adaptable and performs with high-pressure usage choices. It is available in three body sizes with piping. The equipped air filter can filtrate particles that are about forty microns in size with baffles to remove water condensate, and alternatively, the one filtrates five microns particles is also available. Moreover, the regulator offers various pressure range settings, and the rate of oil drops from the lubricator is adjustable. The MACT302 pneumatic F.R.L. is designed with a longer case for a high efficient auto drain valve. There are many other air filter on Air filter supplier Mindman not only provides air filters but also sincere customer service. They have also committed to the research and development of more efficient air filters and other pneumatic automatic components.

Please feel free to contact us, the professional air filter supplier.

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  • Branded Product.
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Model MACP403
Components          MAFR403, MAL403
Bore No.      8A     10A      15A
Port Size     1/4      3/8      1/2
Medium                        Air
Operating Pressure Range                0.05 ~ 1 MPa
Proof Pressure                    1.5 MPa
Regulation Pressure Range               0.1 ~ 0.85 MPa
Ambient Temperature      -5 ~ +60°C (No freezing)
Filtration Standard: 40 µ m, Option: 5 µ m
Min. Flow for Oil Drip  30 l/min  65 l/min  80 l/min
Recommended Lubricating Oil        Turbine Oil ISO-VG32
Attachment Pressure Gauge (PG-20), L-Type Bracket
Weight                        1,100g
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  • Branded Product
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CEO:Mr. Ching-Chen Huang
Contact:Vice President Mr. Andrew Huang
Address:No.106, Sec. 3, Cheng Te Road Taipei, 103 Taiwan
FAX:886-2-25957633, 25975522